Saturday, February 25, 2006

Submitting to Men

When it comes to men, I am a When it When it comes to men, I am a naturally submissive person.

I like to be told what to do, how to act, what to wear and how to please. I am attracted to assertive men who demand what they want and I like men who are on the kinky side, with a perverted streak in them.

Although I don't mind what age the men are, older men seem to have either more of an authoritative nature or are more perverted or come across like the uncle figure that I am attracted to.

As part of wanting to be submissive, I perform better to men who like to humiliate me. This includes being told how to dress, how to act, what to do, what is done to me .... all things in this direction will make me submit more to you.

I like all things, from pleasing orally, providing anal services (both with condoms), ass worshipping my man, butt sniffing and being queened by a man, role play, group humiliation and service, etc.

If you like the sound of what you can get me to do for you, please contact me on or on Gaydar (my profile there is


What I like

I love being and acting like a slutty bitch but I am a very shy person. I find that being in the dark and being anonymous allows me to “let my hair down”, so to speak, and be and act like that filthy bitch that I like being. Does that make any sense? That is why, I suppose, all my fantasies are based on being in the dark or not knowing who is “having” me. I love going to my favourite cruising forest, Rocks Lane, in Barnes. When I get there I go to one of the secluded dark clearings and change into white satin panties, black tights and a tight black tshirt. I also wear a woollen cap low down so that little of my face shows. That way, in the dark, I am not recognisable and can be quite anonymous. Walking around in the darkened forest, my white panties show quite well through my thin black tights and I feel quite slutty and fuckable. I like to stand facing a tree and wait for someone to come up and feel me from behind, take down my tights and pull my panties down so that my shapely bum is exposed. Most guys love my bum and love to get their cocks inside of me as soon as possible, fuck me and then go. Some make me suck then first (I always use a condom) but every now and again, I get someone who likes to sniff me, smack me a little, and rimm me first. Once or twice I have been taken to some nearby lawn in a clearing and told to get on all fours and been sniffed properly, doggy style and then fucked. I love to be totally submissive and don’t like too much talking…just being told what to do. To date, only a few times have I been told to kneel behind some guy and have my nose up his arse while he wanked off. I love it when men do this to me when their ass holes are smelly and sticky and I end up with my nose deep inside someone man hole and getting it nice and dirty and even a little brown.

Hotel Room Slut

I love the idea of meeting up with someone in a hotel room. I am told to wear panties, stockings, lots of lace, etc under my regular clothes and to come to his hotel room. Once there, I knock and on the other side of the door I hear someone ask who it is. I answer that it is me and, once confirmed, I am told to come in. I open the door and everything is completely dark. I come in and close the door and it takes me a little while for my eyes to adjust. Once they do, I am able to see silhouettes of the furniture and, in the far corner I see a man sitting in a chair. He tells me to take off my outer clothes exposing my girlie outfit and then told to come to him. I slowly walk over, totally silent, and am made to parade around in front of this stranger. Turn around, open my legs, bend over, spread my cheeks, etc, etc. I am then told to get on my hands and knees and face this man with my face in front of his crotch. He is naked expect for a pair of white thongs. His balls and dick are huge and are bulging out. He opens his legs wide and his crotch stinks. I suspect that he has either pissed in his underwear or his dick has been inside another man’s filthy shit hole and he has not cleaned it since, or maybe I can just smell his filthy bum from up front. In an authoritative voice he tells me to rub my nose in his crotch and I feel his underpants are all filthy and moist. With my nose in this strange mans’ crotch, he starts to tell me what a slut I am. He tells me that he likes to have a slut sniffing him between his legs and how he is going to enjoy having me sniff his filthy backside too. He asks me if I would like to have my nose up his asshole and I have to say yes. He makes me ask for it. He makes me beg for it and he makes me tell him how I my face belongs between his legs, in his moist underpants and in his sticky shithole. After a while of this humiliation he gets up and gets on his hands and knees on the floor and tells me to turn around and face his bum. His arse is hairy and large and I can just see the white cloth of his thong going up his crack with tons of hair sticking out on either side. In the dark I can just barely see that although the white strip up his arse is not brown, it is not as white as it should be and I suspect that underneath that strap, his shit hole is probably quite sticky and not properly wiped. As I get closer with my face I can smell his filth and he tells me to keep my face nearby so that I can get a good sniffing of what is coming. He then tells me to ask for permission to put my nose in his crack and I have to keep asking and begging until he gives me permission. Eventually the permission comes but he tells me that I have to sniff him by rubbing my nose over his hole but with his thong still on. He pulls himself even wider and I put my nose between his crack. It is really smelly and the white cloth of his thong, which is up his arse, is sticky and disgusting. I rub my nose in him and he pushes his butt into my face. Eventually, he tells me to take his thongs off and shove my nose deep inside his shit hole and to nose fuck him. While I have my face up his arse, I can feel him wanking himself off and his balls keep swinging into my mouth. I am told to keep my nose deep inside and move it around until he cums.
After cumming, he gets up, tells me to puts my clothes back on and, without saying anything else, tells me to leave. As I leave the room into the lit corridor I know that my nose is dirty and brown but I have not been given to chance to wash it off. I hope I can walk out of the hotel and to my car before anyone sees my dirty face and nose.

A Meeting with Tony

Like most of the men I have served, I met Tony on the internet.He advertised himself as an older guy who was looking for obedient bottoms. I love older guys, especially the dirty uncle type.
Tony was quite an large, hairy, walrus type of man. He was dressed in quite a typical way for his type....combats, black boots, grey T-shirt that showed his ample waist and torso, and tattoos on his arms. He was heavy looking, rough and weathered.
He let me into his place and took me up a long flight of stairs to his pad at the top. He invited me into his living room and, as agreed, the room was quite dark. He stood in front of me, told me to open my legs a bit and put his large hands between my legs to feel my cock, my inner legs and also my bum. It seemed like I was undergoing some kind of inspection but nothing was said, so I just let him do whatever he wanted to do between my legs. Once he was satisfied with his inspection, he looked me in the eye and told me that he was going to get a drink and, while he was gone, I was to take off all my clothes, get on all fours on the ground and make sure that my legs were slightly open and my bum was sticking up in the air. Before I even had a chance to respond, he walked away and out of the room, saying that he would be back in a few minutes and that I should be ready when he returned.
I stood there for a while, not sure if he meant it or not. I was not sure what to do. If I did not do as he told me, he would be angry. However, if I did get naked and on all fours and he did not mean it, I would feel very humiliated with my bum hole wide open and in the air. Being naturally submissive, it came naturally to me to get undressed and be properly positioned as told.
When Tony came back into the room he commented on how obedient I was and without warning put a dildo into my mouth and told me to get it nise a wet. This one has a long bushy tail attached to it and no longer had I managed to cover it with saliva than it came out of my mouth and into my rear end. I had lubed myself really well before arriving so it was quite embarrasing that this dildo went into me so easily. Of course he noticed and the first thing he said was that I must have had many men shove their cocks up my bum for me to be so loose.
Tony then sat behind me and asked me all sorts of personal questions about what I had done and what had been done to me. Instead of being allowed to answer verbally he made me answer by wriggling my bum so that the tail swished from side to side to answer no and up and down to answer yes. All the time that he was questioning me he also was busy shaping me. Stomache in! Legs more apart! Chin up! Back arched! With my head up high I was in the perfect position to have the butt plug pulled out of my bum and straight into my mouth and then back into my bum and then into my mouth again. He seemed to enjoy doing that to me and making me take the dirty plug into my mouth again and again.
After a while of doing this to me, he stood up and told me to walk on all fours up to his crotch and to sniff him like a dog. He made me sniff his cock, his balls and also to go around the back of him and sniff his hole. He pulled his cheeks wide open and told me to sniff him really deep. He then turned around again and told me to assume the doggie position again in front of him - legs open, back arched and head up high. He told me to open my mouth for him and he shoved his cock inside. I was told not to move while he slowly started fucking my mouth. Very soon he was really hard in my mouth and then he went around behind me gain, yanked out my tail and rammed himself up my bum until he came.
Like most men, he then told me to get dressed and go home and wait for him to call me again.